Dr. Katie Griffin and Dr. Masi Bayless bring to Santa Cruz what many consider the “gold standard in chiropractic care” – DNFT® or non-force chiropractic.

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Dr. Katie Griffin, multi-time winner of the Santa Cruz Weekly “Best Chiropractor” in Santa Cruz award

50 5-star reviews and over twenty years of excellent chiropractic care later

With over twenty plus years of experience addressing the unique needs of each and every patient, and with her dedicated commitment to continuing medical education, Dr. Griffin is uniquely qualified to both diagnose and treat your pain.

From a happy patient…

This lady is the absolutely the best chiropractor in Santa Cruz and in the Bay Area. She ended my two years neck pain in four sessions in 1997, and the pain disappeared since then. Thanks a lot!” ZH, Yahoo Local reviews »

She is passionate about her work and it shows – her patients voted her “Best Chiropractor” in Santa Cruz in the Weekly’s  annual best-of Gold Awards, and she has 48 reviews at Yelp with 5 STARS! (Click the “filtered” link at the bottom of her Yelp page to read more than the ones showing.)

“The moment you enter my chiropractic office, the focus and the gentle, effective care you’ll receive during your treatment centers on you and your specific needs. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, back or other injury, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, headaches, or other acute or chronic conditions, my skillful Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT) holistic approach will deliver consistent, thorough results in just a few appointments.” – Dr. Katie Griffin

“It may be gentle, but the results are powerful,” say Dr. Griffin’s and Dr. Bayless’ patients.

Using a chiropractic modality called Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT®) Chiropractic, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Bayless repeatedly get quick and lasting results for her patients. Listen to how Dr. Griffin describes it in the video above.

DNFT®, or “Directional Non-Force Technique” chiropractic, is a gentle technique that delivers highly effective results, often beyond expectations and without the torque and strong force often associated with traditional chiropractic. It is practiced by only a handful of elite practitioners, and Dr. Griffin and Dr. Bayless are proud to be two of them.

Your first visit includes approximately 40 – 45 minutes of one-to-one treatment time from Dr. Griffin or Dr. Bayless to alleviate your pain.  This isn’t just a conversation session – this is real treatment with real progress.

If additional appointments are needed, each lasts approximately 20 minutes, all one-to-one treatment time with you and Dr. Griffin or Dr. Bayless.

Dr. Griffin and Dr. Bayless believe a 5 minute appointment will never produce sustainable results, and so no appointment is ever that short.

Make an appointment with Dr. Griffin or Dr. Bayless and you’ll experience gentle, non-force chiropractic adjustments that will empower you and your natural physical capabilities. With their dedicated and genuine care during your appointments you can expect:

  • Recommendations for movements, habits, and activities that will help prevent recurrence.
  • Education and suggestions empowering you to take charge of your health.
  • Referrals, if needed, to a variety of trusted healthcare practitioners in the local Santa Cruz area and beyond with proven results.
  • Relief from back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, foot pain, headaches and more.

What exactly are Dr. Griffin’s and Dr. Bayless’ patients saying about her gentle, yet powerful, chiropractic care?

The best references are patients and here’s how they describe these doctors:

For more references, we invite you to read reviews our patients have left at Yelp, YP, Yahoo, and other local online directories or your choice, but we provide a few excerpts below for your convenience (click links to read and see more):

Take an active role in your own recovery – Get quick relief from pain with Dr. Katie Griffin’s and Dr. Masi Bayless’ gentle, yet powerful chiropractic care and return to the activities you’ve given up.

If you are in need of a chiropractor in Santa Cruz, please call Dr. Griffin and Dr. Bayless today and join with them in partnership for your health.