The Dramatic Healing Power of Nutrition

This fall I had a powerful personal experience of the healing potential of nutrition.

I was taking a free 6-week nutrition class, along with some other physicians and chiropractors in Santa Cruz, as a project for interns at Bauman College in Santa Cruz. (I’m going to host another free one for […]

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The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen – Book Review

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz is a book that is a toolbox full of great ideas designed to help you create a diet of cancer fighting foods with a minimum of stress in the kitchen for whoever is cooking. It gives you tips and tricks to address issues that commonly come up during cancer treatment. It has chapters on:

Strategies for Thriving during Treatment
Nourishing Cancer-Fighting Soups and Broths
Protein Building Foods
Tonics and Elixirs


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How Body-Mass Index Can Affect Osteoarthritis

According to the article “Knee Osteoarthritis: Biomechanical Risks” by Deborah Pate, DDC DACBR. 12% of the US population, ages 25-75 years old has symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA). Do you fall into that category? Pate states that there are three major risk factors associated with the development of OA in the knees:

1. Body-mass index (BMI)
2. Trauma
3. Heredity


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Take Control of Your Health—Minimize Inflammation

Inflammation is a huge health issue—it can lead to chronic diseases and other debilitating health problems—and it’s the number one cause of autoimmune diseases and fibromyalgia.   The good news is that you can be proactive in your life and reduce it.

You can ask your doctor for a simple blood test […]

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Nutrition and chiropractic, the perfect combo

A good nutritionist, along with your chiropractor, is an important person to know.
We can treat the vast majority of our diseases with good nutrition (there are exceptions of course). One advantage to using nutrition to treat disease is that there are virtually no side effects.

Nancy Birang is my go-to nutritionist. […]

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Keep Cancer at Bay with Spices, Teas, and Key Foods

I want to share some valuable information from an excellent and inspiring conference called Cancer as a Turning Point: from Surviving to Thriving by Healing Journeys. 
I attended because I’m always looking for ways as a chiropractor in Santa Cruz to help patients stay well and overcome any health challenges […]

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