Get Back to the Exercise You Love in Santa Cruz!

Exercise in Santa CruzIn Santa Cruz we are in love with our exercises, whether it is our yoga class, zumba, weight training, or our ½ marathons, hiking, surfing, tennis or golf.  We get around by bicycle, walking, and skateboarding.  These are the most common reasons patients come in to see me when they hurt.  They want to get back to these exercises ASAP!

I don’t blame them.  I love my ballet classes with Diana Rose at International Dance Academy in Santa Cruz, my Vinyasa Flow yoga classes with Kindell Stockton at CoreStrengthRX in Scotts Valley and most of all my trainer Deric Stockton for functional conditioning and power lifting also at CoreStrengthRX in Scotts Valley.

Exercise keeps me able to continue adjusting patients with joy and ease 5 days a week and all the other things I love, like enjoying my grandchildren.  Often, patients need specialized core strengthening to allow them to continue their exercises.  I often refer them to Egoscue exercises.  These are very effective, very safe, simple exercises found in Pete Egoscue’s book series Pain Free.

In Aptos, Carolyn Albanese is an expert at evaluating and teaching patients with these and similar exercises and giving the patients a simple well illustrated prescription for what they can do on their own for about 10 minutes a day.  This has returned many patients back to their activities of choice and greatly reduced the number of chiropractic visits they needed.

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Dr. Griffin is passionate about her work as a Santa Cruz chiropractor and has been committed to providing the holistic care and attention patients need since 1990. When asked why she cares so much, Dr. Griffin says with a smile,

“I just love to help people, whether I help them or refer them to the person who does, I’m confident they will recover quickly and their pain will be gone”.

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  • I wanted to update a resource you have published in your most recent blog. Kindell Stockton no longer teaches Vinyasa Flow at Core Strenght RX. She is now teaching at Tree Circus Yoga Center, in Scotts Valley. Tree Circus Yoga Center is located inside the Skylight Ballroom at 4652 Scotts Valley Drive #203 Scotts Valley, CA 95066
    (408) 761-7921.

    Thank you!
    Shannon McQuaide & yoga teacher Tree Circus Yoga Center :)

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