Relieve Low Back Pain From Sitting Too Long

Let’s talk about lower back and hip pain and what you can do to fix it yourself. Did you know that 50% – 80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some point in their life?[1] But did you also know that 70% of back pain can be […]

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Pain in Your Tailbone

Coccydynia is the medical term for when your tailbone or coccyx is painful. This condition can be caused by trauma, dislocations, fractures and malignancies. There are two types of trauma possible, external trauma such as from a fall (popular in winter sports), or from internal trauma such as childbirth, or […]

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Causes and Relief of Mid-Back Pain

If you are experiencing a dull mid-back pain that makes it difficult to take deep breaths and favors your left or right side, you may have a subluxated or misaligned rib. There are many other more serious conditions that can cause similar symptoms such as, broken ribs, pneumonia, cancer, heart […]

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Relieving Back Pain With a Pillow

Driving is stressful – and can sometimes affect your lower back.  A story from one patient:

The pillow Dr. Katie Griffin had recommended I use while driving has just been confirmed as saving me significant lower back pain.  I just had to position it properly!

Last fall, I started having sharp pains […]

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Pelvic and Low Back Pain Care During and After Pregnancy

Are you pregnant?  Congratulations.
You should know that during your pregnancy the ligaments in your body are going to become looser and especially the ligaments in your pelvis.  As that happens some pregnant women develop pelvic pain or low back pain and the gentle chiropractic technique I use can really help […]

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Rehab – Prehab Active Recovery Program

Do you have chronic pains from years of use and abuse in and out of the gym?  Do you have acute pains that make it impossible for you to do some exercises or complete a whole training cycle without seizing up?  If you’ve ever thrown your back or neck out […]

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