• Choosing Health Book by Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton

Without Exercise Life Is Shorter and Less Fun

Beginning at age 40, we lose 3-5 percent of our muscle mass over the next decade.  At age 50 the decline in muscle mass is 1-2 percent per year. That means by age 60 we will average about a 19% decrease in our muscle mass from age 40!

In addition to […]

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  • 4 Types of Exercise for Fitness

4 Types of Exercise Important to Sports Performance and Good Health

We all know we need to exercise to be healthy and to improve our performance in the sports we play. But which exercise should we do? How much is enough?

Four types of exercise are prerequisites to both optimal health AND to reaching for high performance in sports. They are the […]

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  • Start Exercising

How to Get Yourself in Gear to Exercise

Alright, so you have figured out what exercise program you’re interested in doing, you have a date and time or got information about joining a class or a group, but for whatever reason you have not been able to quite execute the plan. Or maybe you have started a program, […]

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  • Your New Exercise Routine

Get Ready for Your New Exercise Routine!

It’s January and you know what that means, New Year’s resolutions and a chance to tackle your personal fitness goals. This article is about how to start a new exercise program and stick with it!
Exercise With Friends
Ok so let’s begin with how you are going to find your exercise […]

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  • Yoga in Santa Cruz County

Why Your Body Loves Yoga

I fell in love with yoga during the fall of 1994. After spending four grueling years studying chemistry and physics at U.C. Davis, I was in need of adventure and excitement. I flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and then onto Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It just happened […]

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  • Shoulder Injury Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Injury in the Rotator Cuff

Let’s talk about shoulder rotator cuff injury. The shoulder or glenohumeral joint has the greatest range of motion in the human body.  It is not surprising injuries to this area can be debilitating, as it can limit many aspects of your daily activities. Injuries to these muscles are quite common […]

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